S/Y DET GODE LIV  the small ship for the great experiences

Winter activities

1. October - 30. april

Kingcrab and fishing-safari


4 -6 Hours

Price from NOK 1895-,per person

Dinnersailing, hunting for aurora borealis/ the northern light


5 Hours

Price from NOK 2 299,- pr.person

3 days of ski and sail


3 days

Price from NOK 8600,- pr.person

Events, tailored adventures and activities on ses and land

On demand

On demand

On demand

Float under the Arctic sky

Vadsø or Ekkerøy

4 Hours

Price from NOK 1750,- pr.person

Archipelago-sailing hunting for the great halibut

Vadsø or Bugøynes

7 Hours

Price from NOK 2150,- pr.person

Sail/paddle out to the arctic seabirds


6 Hours

Price from NOK 1600,- pr.person

Event, skreddersydde opplevelser

Etter forespørsel

Etter forespørsel

Etter forespørsel

Fjordsailing and shoreraids

Vadsø or Bugøynes

5 Hours

Price from NOK 1300-,pr person

Arctic sailing and over night


20 Hours

Price from NOK 3 500,- pr.person

Travelling through the magic landscape

Vadsø and Ekkerøy

12 Hours

Price from NOK 1950,- pr.peron

Liten tittel


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